How to use antique mirror for home décor

We can easily find mirrors all over us whenever we pass throughout the city and this is very common to look into the mirrors every time we pass through it. This is a fashion today to install a mirror for various purposes house and it looks amazing. We have mirrors in our houses, some for decorations and others to check whether we are smartly dressed before leaving the house. 

There is a trend of decorating home using antique mirrors these days and so if you want to décor your house to change the look, must try the antique mirror. But not everyone has an idea of decorating a home using an antique home décor, if you don’t have an idea too here’s how you can use an antique mirror for decorating purposes.

Antique mirrors can add a very a special touch to your home and there are so many ways we can use them for decorating our house such as: -

  • Paint your home using a light color such as light pink, blue, purple, or white as soon as you are done with the painting work put an antique gilded mirror on the wall this will enhance the beauty of your home.
  • You can use dark color paint on your wall and add an antique mirror in the middle of your room along with candle sconces. This will give great lighting in your home at night and the mirror will look amazing home with the candle sconce at night.
  • A dark room can be made shining and bright using an antique mirror, add it near the window this will help the natural lighting outside reflect inside of the room and even a darker room will look amazing.
  • If you have a chimney system in your room this is going to be one of the best antique home décor ideas. Add an antique mirror on the opposite side of the chimney from where the direct reflection of the fire can be seen in the mirror.  

There are so many ways to use antique mirrors for home decorating purposes other than this. To learn more about placing the mirrors at the right place in the bedroom and the washroom anywhere, visit   




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